Macro Antennas

Macro Antennas

JMA Wireless macro antenna solutions deliver advanced RF performance, offsite management and dependability all while reducing total cost of ownership.  The macro portfolio includes a variety of fixed and remote electrical tilt (RET) antennas.


  • Models available with Fast Roll Off (FRO) patterns
  • Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM)
  • Wide band frequency ranges supported


Remote Management:

  • Remote tilt adjustment for offsite monitoring



  • Wide selection of options including concealment solutions
  • Models offered with integrated diplexers
  • Reduced RF ports to minimize cabling and operational costs
  • Models available with angled back connectors and bottom fed connectors
The JMA Wireless portfolio of macro antenna models and mounting solutions ensure fast installation, easy remote management, strong RF performance and low total cost of ownership.  In addition, consistent wireless coverage and capacity is delivered resulting in reduced customer churn.