Corporate Offices

Today’s corporate employees no longer sit at their desks all day long. Instead they work and meet in a variety of spaces throughout their corporation. However, to be productive and collaborative they must stay connected; therefore, cellular coverage in all areas of a building is no longer a nice to have, but is mandatory.
With the state-of-the-art Teko DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solution from technology innovator, JMA Wireless, corporations can ensure their employees have the necessary bandwidth even in the far reaches of a facility. There is no need to be concerned about degraded wireless signals from the outside because of the concrete and steel composition of the buildings. With careful and precise planning, antennas are placed throughout the inside of a corporation to create many sectors of signals, which cost effectively meet the coverage and capacity needs of cellular and public safety operators. JMA Wireless’ robust and patented solutions are keeping employees connected and safe at many Fortune 500 companies around the world.