Hospitals have turned into high-tech hubs providing mobile connectivity for numerous purposes such as remote patient monitoring, tracking of medications and family and friends to stay in touch while sitting in waiting rooms. The many healthcare applications and mobile connectivity needs of staff, patients and visitors can place overwhelming demands on a medical center’s wireless network.
The TEKO DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solution from JMA Wireless provides the necessary cellular coverage and capacity to securely share information from inside the facility as well as outside in the surrounding parking areas. Due to the many competing technologies and concrete structures of a hospital, wireless signals from the surrounding cellular towers are often degraded. However, with JMA’s careful and precise planning, antennas are placed inside the buildings to effectively create many sectors of signals. These signals are then distributed throughout the facility to support multiple cellular and public safety operators. The TEKO DAS provides a secure and cost effective network to meet the growing coverage and capacity needs of medical centers.