Mobile Network Operators

Globally there are over 3.2 billion cellular subscribers and 6.8 billion plus mobile subscriptions.*  Many subscribers have two devices – one for business and one for personal use.  These billions of cellular users need bandwidth to support streaming video, voice, photos and data sharing, which equates to a growing issue for mobile network operators (MNOs).
To deliver adequate coverage and capacity cost effectively many of the largest mobile network operators around the globe are turning to innovation leader, JMA Wireless.  Its broad portfolio includes macro infrastructure, leading-edge antennas and unique universal compression connectors, which utilize a patented active compression technology that eliminates PIM, installs in 1 minute and guarantees long term reliability.  With these robust solutions, MNOs are able to significantly lower operational costs yet still meet the growing coverage and capacity needs.

*Source:  ITU News, November 2013