Whether riding a train for a daily commute or as part of a relaxing vacation, millions of people are opting for rail as an alternative mode of transportation. During their travels passengers expect mobile connectivity to meet their voice, data and text needs.  While railway operators require wireless communications for operations and safety concerns.
Ensuring cellular connectivity for passengers as well as for train workers raises many challenges not only for the railway operators, but for the railcar manufacturers too.  Wireless communications must be maintained while traveling through a variety of terrains, including tunnels and metro areas, and in underground stations. These mobile solutions must not only provide coverage in a variety of locations, but they also must be conservative on power and space, highly reliable under thousands of hours of operation, and resilient to vibration. 
JMA Wireless has specifically engineered a cost-effective cellular communications solution for the railway market that ensures high speed mobile connectivity in challenging environments such as underground train stations, onboard high speed trains and even in dense tunnels. With its extensive experience, numerous deployments around the globe, and cutting-edge portfolio of RF repeaters and active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) technology JMA Wireless has become a leader in the railway market.